(author’s) website

your home on the web

Do I need a website?

Yes, you should have at least a simple website. There are plenty of ways to create a website for free, either by using your blog as a website and including info pages that are easy to access, or by using a free tool like

What should I include on my website?

First of all, make sure your sight is easy to read and navigate, and that the ISBN number for your book is very easy to find so that librarians and booksellers can order or research your book easily. Also include the following:

A page about your book(s), including ISBN numbers for each book and buy links for Indiebound, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and your local independent bookstore. You might also include a button so that readers can add your book to Goodreads, and a link to where readers can read an excerpt of your book (usually available on your publisher’s website just before publication of your book).

A page about you, including a high-resolution photo that media can use for publicity purposes along with a short bio, which can be the same as the author bio at the back of your book, if you want to keep things easy.

A page about your events, so that people can attend your readings/signings/panels if you choose to do any. Make sure to keep this page up to date so you don’t drive people crazy.

A page about your news, where you brag about things like good reviews, sub rights sales, and other stuff that media might want to know about at a glance.

A contact page where you list contact info for either yourself or your publicist or your agent or all of these. If you would rather not be contacted, fair enough, but someone who wants to book you for an event or feature you in some promo needs to be able to reach the publicist at your publishing house at the very least. You also probably want to include links to your social media on your contact page. If you have a newsletter, you might want to include a sign-up link here.

Other pages where people can find lesson plans or fan art or free downloads or whatever else you want to include. This is optional.