Cover reveal

cover reveal

when you first reveal your cover on a blog/website to build excitement for your book

When I should I do a cover reveal?

You might want to reveal your cover before it starts appearing on retail sites (which will usually happen about about nine months before your book goes on sale). But you should consult with your editor first. Some publishers don’t like to do reveals for debut novels; they might worry¬†that readers will get¬†burnt out on the image of your book by the time the book’s publication date comes around. Also, sometimes publishers want to time your cover reveal with other announcements, such as sales of movie rights, to build more buzz all at once.

How do I set up a cover reveal?

Some publishers have sites they prefer to use for reveals, so check with your editor. Otherwise, you will need to set up the reveal yourself (if you want to do one at all, which is optional). Check with blogs who have done cover reveals before–they are usually happy to hear from authors about hosting cover reveals. But know that many blogs like to plan their posts months in advance, so it’s better to reach out to bloggers far in advance of when you’d like your reveal to happen. Also, consider whether you want to build excitement by doing a giveaway along with your reveal; you could give away swag, like bookmarks, or promise an ARC of your book.

My cover appeared somewhere online before my reveal! How do I properly despair?

No despair necessary. I bet no one even noticed your cover is up somewhere online. Carry on with your reveal as planned, or see if you can move it up to a sooner date. Everyone will still be very excited for you.