Independent bookstores

independent bookstores

local bookstores as opposed to national chains

Why are independent bookstores important?

Independent bookstores are important to your career (not to mention local economies) because they will stock and promote your books much longer than big box stores will. They’ll hand-sell your book to readers they feel will be interested in your style or topic, based on booksellers extensive knowledge of and love for books

How can I support my local indie?

By shopping there, of course, but also by setting up events there, like a book launch. You can also offer to sign stock, which you can in turn promote online. Many authors partner with a local indie to offer signed books to readers who want to order from that indie online. When the signed stock runs out, your indie can call you to come and sign more to make available to more online customers. Pick a day/time that’s not too busy for your local indie and introduce yourself to the staff to find out how you can work with their store.


How can I support independent bookstores online?

You should definitely have a link to IndieBound on your website along with any other links your provide for readers to order your book online. IndieBound directs readers to local independent bookstores and allows readers to order books online through those local stores.

Link to IndieBound.