Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble

a huge chain of bookstores

Is it possible my book won’t be sold in Barnes and Noble stores?

Yes, it’s possible that by some short-sightedness on the part of B&N, your lovely book will not be carried by their chain. B&N may decide that the content, topic, or format of your book won’t sell to their customers. If they feel that your book cover will not sell well in their stores, your publisher will probably change your cover to convince B&N to carry your book. If your book is published by a small press, B&N will likely decide not to carry it.

How long will Barnes and Noble carry my book, if they do carry it?

Please brace yourself: B&N typically carries new books in their stores for three months. After that, they will box up unsold copies and return them to your publisher. Some B&N locations may decide to keep your book on shelves a little longer. Independent bookstores will keep your book in stock much longer (though in smaller numbers); this is why we like them so much. If your book sells well, B&N may decide to keep it on their shelves a little longer. In any case, they will continue to carry it on their website, as will Amazon. So there is life for your book after the first three months. Also, your debut novel will probably appear back on B&N’s shelves when your second novel comes out, at least for three months.