an online tool for requesting digital ARCs

Who uses Edelweiss?

Edelweiss is a platform that does multiple things, but you will probably use it most often to request digital ARCs of other debut novels you want to read so that you can cross-promote will other debut novelists. Bloggers often use Edelweiss to request ARCs that they want to review on their blogs. Usually, bloggers will figure out before you do that your book has become available on Edelweiss; once they let you know (maybe by tweeting about it), spread the word on your social media accounts so that other bloggers can start requesting your ARC.

How do I use Edelweiss?

You might want to create an account so that you can use it to request digital ARCs, if you’re interested in reading ARCs from your fellow debut novelists. There are other things you can use the site for, like seeing which books are getting a lot of buzz (but do you really want to put yourself through that?). Most of the sties functions are available only after you have signed in to your account.

Also see NetGalley.


Link to Edelweiss.

Link to Book Riot article about how to use Edelweiss.