Book bloggers

book bloggers

book-lovers who share their opinions about books on their blogs, usually without compensation

Should I agree to do a blog interview?

If you want to. Blog interviews are usually informal. Sometimes the questions are meant to be fun and silly, and sometimes they are stock questions like “How do you come up with your ideas?” because the blogger might not have gotten the chance to read your book. Consider how much time you have and what kind of traffic the blog gets, and consider asking your editor if s/he has an opinion.

Should I do a blog tour?

Your publisher might set up a blog tour for you, or ask you if you can set one up yourself. These can be time-consuming, and opinions vary on whether blog tours affect sales. But they can also be fun and creative and generate some online buzz. Again, they’re generally supposed to be light and fun. They usually take place during the weeks surrounding your book’s release.

Should I follow bloggers on social media?

Bloggers love books, so following them on social media can be great–you’ll see all kinds of book suggestions and maybe even strike up a friendship with them. On the other hand, some bloggers tweet/post their negative opinions of books, and you probably won’t enjoy reading negative opinions of your own book. Some writers like to keep very clear boundaries between themselves and bloggers. Whatever you do, DO NOT respond to negative tweets or posts about your book.

What if a blogger bashes my book?

Bloggers are entitled to their opinions, and their opinions are often very passionate. Bloggers are also generally connected to lots of other bloggers in the book community. NEVER respond to a negative review of your book. “But that blogger’s review was really harsh and/or factually incorrect!” It happens. Better to turn a blind eye than to start a conflict with a blogger. In fact, just don’t read blog reviews of your book to start with. They’re meant for readers, not for the author. And consider that bloggers spend hours crafting images and posts to share their opinions on books–without compensation–and they don’t need grief put on them.

A blogger tagged me in a negative tweet/post about my book!

That sucks. It’s considered rude, but some bloggers don’t know this. Don’t respond. Pretend you never saw it.

A blogger tagged me in a positive review of my book!

Yay! Doesn’t that make your day? Give them a like and/or respond with a thank you. But if they didn’t tag you, don’t butt in.

What if a blogger requests an ARC or finished copy of my book?

Most bloggers know it’s unprofessional to ask an author for this. New bloggers might not; direct them to a publicist at your publishing house. If they have already tried going through the publicist and have been denied (maybe because their blog does not generate enough traffic), it’s not on you to give them one of your own copies from your very limited supply.