(book) festivals

events where readers can buy books

What are some major book festivals where I can promote my books?

Festivals tend to be pretty regional, so check for something in your area. The two that I hear about most often are YALLFest (east coast) and YALLWest (west coast).

How can I sell my book at a festival?

You must apply, usually pretty far in advance. If your publisher isn’t planning on pitching you for a festival, you’ll need to apply on your own. Check out the websites of the festivals that are in your area or that you think you can travel to, and look for a sign-up page. But know that just because you apply to participate doesn’t mean the festival will accept you. You can apply to sign/sell your books as well as to participate in a panel.

Will my publisher pay for me to participate in a festival?

Probably not, unless you’re a lead title. But you might as well ask your editor.