online promo during which a copy of your book is given to a reader for free

How do I do a giveaway?

Your publisher will most likely set up some online giveaways of ARCs of your book, usually on Goodreads and on blogs. You can also set up giveaways through Goodreads (but contact your editor first so you can coordinate your efforts with your publisher) and through bloggers (just email a blogger who seems to have decent traffic and blogs about the type of book you’ve written). You can also do your own giveaways on your social media accounts. For example. you can pin a tweet on Twitter that says something like “Retweet and follow by 10/1 to win a signed ARC of BOOKITY BOOK” with a pic of your book attached. Make it clear whether the giveaway is international.

When should I do a giveaway?

You probably want to talk to your editor so you can coordinate your giveaway efforts, but most promo for a book happens up to a month before its pub date and as late as maybe a month after its pub date. If you are anxious to gain followers on social media, a giveaway is one way to boost your numbers. It is also a nice way to make an ARC available to bloggers who were otherwise unable to get one.

What should I give away?

Signed stuff is great, especially ARCs. You can also give away bookmarks, stickers, and other swag related to your book. You can even giveaway a pre-order of your finished book.