Audio book

audio book

your book read aloud by a talented stranger

Will my novel be available as an audio book?

Only if you’ve sold audio rights. Your publisher might hold these rights (in which case they will try to sell them and split the proceeds with you), or you might have retained them (in which case your agent will try to sell them on your behalf); check your contract. With any luck, a company like Blackstone or Recorded Books will pay for the right to make your book into an audio book. At that point, you will get money from the sale of rights (probably in the realm of four digits), although it’ll take a while for that money to come to you, and your agent will get 15% of your share. The company will hire voice talent to record your book. They might send you some samples so that you can help pick the talent, or they might not.

When will I know whether my book will be available as an audio book?

Audio rights can sell at any time. Before your book comes out, or after. Many debut novels are never made into audio books.

Will my audio book be sold on Audible (Amazon’s audio book app)? In bookstores?

If you have an audio book, it will probably be sold on Audible. It will probably not be available in bookstores; listeners will need to order it online or through a bookstore.

Will I get free copies of my audio book?

Probably. Ask your editor. You might get one or even a few (CD) copies in the mail after publication.

Will libraries stock my audio book?

Hard to say. Libraries don’t stock as many audio books as paper books. Audio books are more expensive for them to stock. Libraries are probably more likely to stock audio book versions of well-known books.