the page(s) at the front or back of your book where you acknowledge the people who helped you publish your book

Who should I include in my acknowledgements?

Many writers thank their editor and agent. They might also thank others on the publishing team, their families, their critique partners, their writing teachers, those they consulted for research, their friends, and anyone else who they feel helped them on their publishing journey.

Do I need to include acknowledgements?

No. Some writers include them, but some don’t. It’s entirely optional.

When do I turn in my acknowledgements?

Usually around the time you do copy edits. If your editor doesn’t ask for them around this time, you may want to send them in as opposed to waiting for a request. Not all editors will prompt you to turn in acknowledgements as this is an optional step.

What I forget someone in my acknowledgements?

You will never hear the end of it. Good luck.